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. >> i will strengthen america. and i will strengthen our values and homes and our economy to make sure this economy can ignite our capacity to put people to work and provide the resources we need to have the strongest military in the world. >> romney criticized obama's economic policies and the  interest payments alone on the national debt are higher than the budgets of several government agencies come pined. >>> at the u.n. general assembly, the president of iran lashed out to the powers. ahmadinejad address add room filled with especially thank you seats. mr. ahmadinejad accused western leaders of intimidation with a pledge not to test nuclear weapons. he criticized what he called a continued threat by the uncivillized zionist to taken action against iran. >> he wanties to make iran a nuclear power. you know what i say to that. no way, no how, never. >> former new york city mayor judy guiliani led a protest against ahmadinejad. protestors carried signs and denounced the iranian leader. >>> neighbors knew there was some sort of mystery. they are surprised to learn about this. this i
specific progrowth solutions to get our economy in gear. we can have a dynamic progrowth economy that fosters independence and opportunity verses a stagnant economy that fosters dependency. >> paul ryan is stomping in iowa today before flying to virginia tonight. the wisconsin congressman is set to debate vice president joe biden next thursday in kentucky. >>> president obama has announced plans to visit kern county the monument of cesar chavez will be in keen where he lived. the president says the national monument would preserve chavez's legacy of giving a voice to workers. this trip will include another fund-raiser. >>> a father and son credit a working smoke alarm for helping them escape their burning home. vallejo fire crews say it looks like the fire started in the garage of the large three-story home on el camino real. the first -- it's a story by first brow -- brought you live. it erupted around 3:00 as the father and son were inside sleeping. >> two occupants were inside. the device got their attention and then about able to get -- and they were able to get out unharmed.
confident about the economy than they have in seven months. the conference board reported today that consumer sentiment jumped to -- jumped to 7.3 in september. that's up almost 10 points. analysts say consumers are spending more upbeat because of the housing recovery and rising stock prices. if you need a job retailers are getting ready for the holidays and this week toys 'r' us will start hiring temporary workers. they plan to hire 45,000 seasonal workers. kohl's plans to hire 52,000. that's 5,000 more than last year for both retailers. but seasonal employment is still below pre-recession levels. >>> halloween could set a record. 170million people will do something to celebrate. that's 71% of the u.s. population and the highest number ever. the average person will spend $08 on costumes, decorations and candy this year which is up from last year. that means about $8 billion in total spending. >>> during the next hour, governor jerry brown is heading to google headquarters in mountain view. governor brown plans to sign the recently passed google robot car bill. the bill allows t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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